I'm the very proud owner of a 2010 Sierra Hybrid in Sammamish, WA - looking for advice/information on using the truck as a Search and Rescue response vehicle. Any ideas about (2-way) radio mounting, gravel road-running or any other aspect of the truck would be greatly appreciated.

Here's something I can share

Yesterday, I took the truck to Ellensburg and back (which included a trip up and over a 3200' mountain pass. On the way back there is a farily steep downhill grade. In my old vehicle (Subaru Baja), to maintain 65 MPH down that grade (and not accelerate); I needed to shift down at least one gear, idle the engine and occasionally use the brakes.

With the Sierra - when we hit the top, I shifted down to 3rd (it's an auto; but I put it in manual) and backed off the throttle and almost immediately started slowing down BELOW 65. So, I shifted back into 'Auto' (4th); but discovered that I STILL had to keep a little bit of throttle pressure; otherwise, the combination of compression and regenerative braking was more than enough to slow me down - for someone who does NOT like downhills (I guess a bad experience I had in my youth with brake fade had a lasting impression) ; this was a GREAT discovery.

Clay Jackson