As a little update, I got my hands on a tracking number (the original tracking number I had was useless once it crossed the border), and found out that their tail light supplier who I shipped the lights to for the return received them on the 23rd of March only 15 days after I shipped them. And at the middle of May I still had heard nothing. I contacted them about this with a few choice words about their poor response time, poor customer service, and that I was disgusted with the fact that they accepted the money for the tail lights and it seemed like after shipping the original set they didn't care about my experience with them.

It must have sparked something because not 4 hours later I had a response that they had contacted their supplier to find out why they didn't make them aware of when they received my returned lights. Then the next day I got a phone call telling me they were getting ready to ship my replacement lights.

I don't have them yet as this was only 2 days ago, I'm not going to start holding my breath just yet, but at least I finally got something moving.