what's up guys. another newb. from union, SC. used to own a 2004 colorado 2wd, then traded for a 2006 nissan altima SER for mpg's, but miss having a truck so now i'm looking for another colorado, or a silverado, 4wd. altima only has 56k(and counting). it's my DD. i miss having a chevy truck so anyone willing to lead me in the right way towards a trade would be sweet. straight up too, as i don't want any payments. anyways, here's some pics of my old truck, the altima, and my camaro SS.

altima SER is a 2006, with like i said 56k on the odo. change oil with mobil 1 5w30 synthetic every 3k. fully loaded. 5 speed automatic,sunroof,bose radio, few nismo add ons, nismo cold air intake. only bad is a few marks on the rims(very slight, from previous owner), and a few chips on the hood(from previous owner). trust the car to go anywhere and do anything, just really wanting a truck, as i need it more than i need mpg's lol. so any offers, hit me up. i know it's an intro forum, but just throwing it out there. thanks for looking guys!!!