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    Default Speedometer "rattle" noise - while driving

    So I've been noticing a rattling noise coming from what I believe to be the instrument cluster. I think I've narrowed it down to the speedometer. While driving, usually between 30 - 75 mph, I can hear a very audible rattling/shaking noise, if I slow down the noise does as well. I've put it in neutral & park then rev'd the engine without reproducing the noise.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue. It seems as though I should be able to remove the cluster and lubricate the speed gauge bearing set to quiet this down. Can anyone confirm that?
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    Well after doing a few hours of online research I have come to the conclusion that the Instrument Panel Cluster stepper motor for the speedometer is what's generating the noise. Looks like GM sent out a recall notice about 2 years ago for these motors failing prematurely and they only covered vehicles under 70K miles (I don't qualify). But I did find some people on Ebay that sell the "updated" stepper motors along with the instructions on how to replace them. Since I do have a degree in electrical engineering it shouldn't be a big deal to replace them.

    With all of this said, hopefully this is really the source of the noise since the symptoms listed on GM's notice do not include a "rattling" sound. I update when this post when I update my gauge's stepper motors.

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    Default Auxiliary Cooling Fan Relay?

    Do you have an auxiliary cooling Fan? I had a similar noise coming from what I perceived to be the instrument cluster. After chasing down every possible cause I could think of, I thought I might as well change the auxiliary cooling fan switch, as I had noticed the fan was coming on when I turned on the key. Not when the engine neared the temp. limit, as intended.

    I discovered the wire had become unplugged from the switch, and had fallen down against the exhaust manifold. The manifold heat had melted the plug, and "glued" the contact to the exhaust manifold, in effect grounding the connection. After fixing this little problem, the "rattle" disappeared, and the fan remained off. The cause of the rattle was the auxiliary fan cooling relay, which is mounted on the firewall (in the engine compartment) directly in front of the instrument cluster.
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