Whay do chevy trucks have so many wiring issues? What happened to simple?... Anyway, read other forums , etc. Some help, but didn't work. Everything was working, then 3rd brake light went out..$LED$. Replaced, no problem. worked. 24 hrs later noticed Rt Rr brake burned out and socket discolored, fog lights out and dash button doesn't engage. Rear tail lights don't come on when headlights are turned on. Checked wiring best I could , didn' notice any bad spots. Checked fuses- all ok , all front lights work: head, park, travel lights, signals, All ok.. Fog still look ok.None burned out. Rear lights all work (switched the signal bulb with tail lite to check this. Brake is diff. bulb), none burned out except the R-R brake . Replaced this brake light, works, but stays on/no blink when car is on, guess the socket needs to be replaced. But the big problem is the fog and Rear tail lights. Would replacing the brake socket help the brake blinker? what would fix the tail lights? Thanks for the help.