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    Default What to do with the Police about this...

    So, i bought a 1985 chev reg cab short box 4x4 truck, origonally it was $500 without the engine, then he asked how much the 350 was worth to me, and i said $750 with the engine. And he took the offer, he told me about the truck, said that the truck was going to be restored, body work was already started, took me for a drive in the truck, and he put "bad gas" in it, so it really didn't drive well, his excuse was just that it was bad gas, i asked about the transmission, there was only one problem, that the reverse worked when it wanted to, said it was probably the linkage. He also talked about maybe switching over the intake and carb for a different set.

    So, that Sunday, he pressured me into buying the truck that night, i drove into the city (45 min drive) on a Sunday night, just to give him the money, he wouldn't take a check, even if i let him cash the check before i picked up the truck, so i had to wrangle up the money in cash(what a coincidence no paper trail), he said that he had other people interested in it. And i did what anyone would do, give him the money, that day he signed over the truck in my name, i have the bill of sale beside me here, and when i bought the truck he told me that i would need to bring my own battery to take the truck home with. And then on the Thursday of the next week, i picked the truck up with my dad, i ran a can of sea foam through the gas tank to get rid of the "bad gas", i proceeded to get the truck ready to drive it home. He told me that the alternator bracket bolt was loose because he was going to take it off, i asked to borrow wrenches because i left my tools at home, he took me to his shop and let me borrow three, because i couldn't remember what size it was, and he said i could borrow the tools, and he said that i could borrow the battery if i needed too to get it home, but my dad bought a battery for a tractor back at the farm, so we didn't need to borrow it. So i tried to tighten the alternator bolt, and turns out, the bolt was broken off in the block. He left his house to drop his kid off at school. And myself and my dad were there trying to get this alternator sturdy, he left me a tool box of crap bolts and nuts to try and find a wing nut to keep the air filter on the carb. He also let me borrow a couple wrenches to try and tighten the alternator bracket bolt, so i gave up looking through that greasy bunch of metal, so i just threw the air filter on and hoped for the best.

    It rained that morning so it wasn't dusty by the way. So i hop in my new truck, and my dad gets in mine. I drive it around the block to make sure it will make it home. And driving it around the block, i would have to stomp on the gas to get the transmission to shift, and the truck would die, every time you would start to accelerate in first. So, i fought with the truck the whole way home. And the day after i buy the truck, he asks when i'm going to drop off his intake and carburetor, it was an edelbrock carb, and polished intake. And i didn't reply, because i was at work, and i get home from work at 9:45-10:00 at night, so i'm not to concerned about text messages, just going to bed. So, i totally forget he sent me a message. I drive the truck around the farm, and much to my surprise, the transmission decides it wants to slip out whenever you give the truck throttle, so i am stuck buying and installing a new transmission for the truck, two days after that, he starts accusing me of stealing his intake and carb. And i ignore that, and start asking him about the transmission.What about that? He starts getting belligerent, and says that he's going to find me, and that i wont like it when he does. And how it's not going to end good for me. So, i try and calm him down, and i tell him "i didn't say i wasn't going to give it back!", and i didn't say i was going to. He starts calling me a thief. And today while i'm at work, he calls my house, and just opens up on my dad. he tells my dad that next time he sees me he's going to break both of my legs. So, my dad gave him a new one, and called the police. And then after that, he texts me, and tells me he phoned the cops on me, and again accuses me of being a thief, and starts saying that i went into his shop and stole tools from him! When inside the truck i found two screw drivers and a pair of pliers under the seat? Since i bought the truck, I've put a can of sea foam through it, filled the tank, took deep creep sea foam spray and sprayed the carb down, I've drained the antifreeze, and soldered a radiator leak closed, I've managed to get the broken off bolt out of the block, I've put all new antifreeze in it. I've cleaned the hood off from all that ancient insulation crap, cleaned the air filter, fixed the alternator bracket with new bolt. Fixed crap wiring that fried, i cleaned the truck inside it, and the box, which was filled with just crap, things he didn't want he just threw them in the box.

    So, tomorrow i have to meet with a constable to talk to him about the threats given to me from this guy, and i have to figure out what i need to do with the truck, he phoned the police, and then called my house, i was still at work, and my mom answered, he told her that the police told him that we should work things out ourselves. My mom asked him what he wants to happen, he said either i give him the intake and carb, or he will buy the truck back from me for what i paid, and how much i licensed the truck. So basically reimburse me for what I've spent. But he wont do anything about the transmission, because he said he didn't false represent the transmission in any way. When he clearly told me that it shifted fine in the city.

    I need to work something out for this now. What would you do in my shoes. The truck has been signed over in my name, and I've licensed it for a 1 day permit, and an 8 day permit. So the truck is legally mine.

    Let me know what you'd do. Or things that i should do. This will be my first time dealing with the law as a legal adult, and i don't want to get charged with "theft" because of a he said she said argument.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I'm not familiar with Canadian laws, but it's my understanding that if the man did not have a written, signed agreement by you stating that you would return the carb and intake after purchase of the vehicle, then he has no grounds to stand on. Now if he says that you two had a verbal agreement on the issue, then you can turn around and say that you two had a verbal agreement that the transmission operated correctly. If he stands by his verbal agreement on the carb, then you stand by the agreement that the transmission operated correctly and demand that it be either repaired or replaced, which ever it might need, per funds provided by him, in order for him to hold up to his verbal agreement. And just as a measure of safety, make sure you are allowed to hold onto the carb and intake as collateral, until the transmission work is completed.
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    If it was me I would cut my losses and tell him to come and take the truck and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, it just wouldn't be worth the extra hassle of dealing with an apparent a$$hole and the police too. Take it as a learning experience and move on.

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    let me talk to him, he wont like me lol...I hate dealing with shady people, took me 3 months to get the title from the guy I bought my truck from, within those three months he took the trans out from under it
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    Sounds like he is an azzhat. I would cut my losses. Get him to reimburse you for whatever time/money you have invested. Get it in cash.
    I would meet him in a neutral location(closer to you of course) so he doesn't have access to your house.
    AND just in case, I would advise the local Law Enforcement what is going to transpire so they can be present to avoid any allegations.
    Just my $.02
    Good Luck.

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    you should of let that truck sit where it was at when you first looked at it. obvoiusly the guy is not a mechanic

    i would get my money back and make piece w/ the guy and hope i never saw him again. the truck sounds like its going to be a problem child

    05 silverado shortbed

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    I like what XS-ive says, but I'd meet the little butt-head in the P/L of the Police Dept. and finish my transaction with him...DEMAND cash, and take one of those fraud pens with you and check every bill! I don't know if you guys have an issue with fake money in Canada though...Good luck buddy.

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    Well, thats the problem, i don't know where you guys are from, it might be easy to find trucks like these. But here, you're lucky if you can even find one that's under $3000. And those ones you do find under $3000, are just buckets of rust. I was planning on restoring this truck. And for all the time i've spent trying to get this truck, i went to his house like 4 times to make sure i was getting the truck, and twice to bring it home, but he was only there once. This truck would be a lot of fun, and its exactly what i wanted, but i'm just afraid of getting charged for something on a he said she said situation, i wanted to give counter offer and say, Since you want the intake and carb back, and you said the transmission was good in forward gears, and they're not, you get my transmission rebuilt, and once that's done you'll get your intake and carb back. Or, i give him $100 for the price difference on the carb/intake from the transmission and i worry about the transmission.

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    That's what I think you should do. Ask him to repair the transmission since he said it was good, or tell him you'll hold onto the carb and intake as compensation.

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    We're talking about two or three totally different issues.

    First and foremost, threatening to harm someone is a very serious offense. That's 500 times more serious than anything with the truck itself. I would file a complaint with my local authorities and I would petition to get a restraining order against such a person so he can not come within 1,000 feet of me.

    Secondly, no court is going to honor any disputed verbal committments on a $750 truck. Court costs on this, if it cames to that, would be $2,500 in the US.

    Next, you made the decision to buy the truck, he made the decision to sell the truck. You paid cash for it, got the title signed over to you, got a receipt (I hope) so it's your truck, you bought it, you own it, you own everything in it. You could part it out if you wanted to (and maybe make some extra cash with a nice intake and carb), restore it, or set it on fire if you really wanted to. No way to prove that it wasn't in good running order either, you could have broke it on your way home.

    Now, if you think that putting good money into it isn't worth it, then you can get your money back, which is something that he doesn't have to do. Doesn't sound like you're out all that much cash, just the cost of getting it licensed?

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