Wisbang- 12 months? I knew that there was some limitation on the higher hp goodwrenches.There might be some sort of "and you have to have a pro mechanic install it" limitation.

Maybe the standard replacement Goodwrenches get 36 months?

Still a factory warranty of any length is better than a BS aftermarket warranty. Besides 12 months is usually enough time to find out you have a lemon motor with "bad parts"

I've been lucky with my motor. Bought the Suburban-1998-with 195,000 miles-has 213,000 now-motor runs great, gets 21 mpg hy-so it is a good motor. It will die someday, but I'm hoping to at least get to 225,000-I'm putting just 6000 miles/yr on it, so 2 more years would be nice.It is so nice otherwise,I would buy a new Goodwrench and keep it forever.