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    Default 93' GMC Sierra 350 running really rich... HELP!!!

    hey guys, new here. Just joined to try to get some info/ advice on my buddies Sierra. Its a 93 with a 350 in it, 5 speed, 4wd, and about 192,000 miles... this truck has been to war and back and we call it the "War Wagon" but anyway we recently had a problem with it and im trying to get some good advice cuz we r gonna try to fix it tomorrow. All the sudden it has been running super rich. it will start if it has been sitting for a while, but will shoot black smoke, backfire, etc. it will run really rough until it floods a few minutes down the road and wont re start or will be really hard to... we replaced the plugs, wired, and distributor cap last weekend... the old ones were whooped, probly still the stock ones HAHA but it still the same... what could be the problem? FPR? coolant temp sensor? how can i easily check theses and where r they located? pics would be great. AND FAST CUZ I NEED TO WORK ON IT TOMORROW!! PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE Thanks guys

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    Coolant temp sensor is one option... Have you ran the codes if the CEL is on? Also FPR is a possible culprit since they have a cheeasy diaphram.. Check for excess fuel on the back of the throttle body by the FPR.. As for the coolant temp sensor the way i checked mine was unplugged it and the motor about died but since you already have the problem then most likely someone else has a better procedure.. But you also need the check the injector spray... If it isnt a nice smooth cone and more like a drip etc, then most likely you have a bad injector...


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