Hello again!
I've got my 2004 Silverado 1500 5.3L

This weekend, i'm going to be towing a 2008 Mustang on a flat bed trailer, and it's going to be over some pretty hilly roads.. and might be a little warm outside (around 90degrees-ish).

My truck came with some pretty heavy-duty tires (in my opinion) when I bought it.. Dunlop LT265-75R16, and it also has air-bag spring assists in the rear. I'm kind of new to towing, especially with these air-bags in the back.
Anyone know what kind of air pressures I should be running in the tires? Just keep it at the usual pressure the sticker on the truck says, or bump it up a little bit?
What about the air bags.. just put air in them until the truck looks level with the trailer attached??