I'm adding a couple of accessories to my wife's 02 Burb, and I want them to power up with the ignition.

I haven't had much luck with a net search, but a little better luck with the test light. I found ignition power at the 4x4 fuse in the interior fuse panel (the truck is 2wd), and the cell phone plug and play in the left kick panel block.

I'm leaning towards the cell phone hook up - 1, because it'll hide better, and B, I won't use the cell phone.

My question winds down to this - if I use the cell phone hook up, will I get feed back or something through the stereo? I don't know how the phone thing works, so I'll ask you guys before I get yelled at by my lovely, but impatient-with-my-tinkering wife

Any other suggestions?