I have a 98 ZR-2 with the 4300 vortev in it. For the last couple months I have been experiencing a loud ticking sound. It seems to be coming from the back of the engine. I have ruled out the tranny and the transfer case(Its too far forward) It only does it from 1100- 1600rpm. First I thought It was somthing stupid like a loose skid plate. But then I had a buddy keep the engine reved up while I investigated.When Im underneath It sounds like it is in the bell housing, and from the top it sounds like its coming from near the distributor.I ruled out the starter by removing it while the truck was running. then I thought it might be in the distributor so I took the cap and rotor off. The shaft that the rotor screws to is slightly loose but it seems like it is made to be.I dont think it could be rods or lifters or valves because the truck just runs too good and it only does it at that certain rpm. I really hope someone has delt with this before and can help me.

Please and thank you
-Ryan (Dayton, OH)