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    Default Re: How can I get more Low end power?

    Quote Originally Posted by HondaRiderSMH View Post
    Hey guys, I have a 1999 (gotta buy parts for a 2000) GMC sierra 1500 with the 5.3L. Its nothing fancy, just a 3 inch body lift, 295/75/16 BF goodrich all terains and a little chrome here and there. The motor is completely stock except for a cold air I put on last summer which was a joke. Id like to get a little more low end power so i can Climb these West Virginia mountains a little quicker. Id say I need the power between 1500-3000RPM. I heard about guys putting a z06 cam out of a 'vette in their 5.3s and getting about 30 more horses in that RPM range but I'm still wet behind the ears when it comes to working on the inside of a motor. My dad is a mechanic and knows how to do just about anything but he dont know a lot about performance stuff. Thats why I'm here. What can I do to bring that puppy to life without spending my life savings and without hurting my MPGs too awful bad? One more thing, no headers, Ive never had any luck with them. They always leak no matter what their on or who installed them. Thanks for any and all information -Shane
    That is an effective way to get higher power. I you should start changing your exhaust system and engine so that you can produce efficient high power.

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    Don't crawl under- just look in the glove box.
    Many of the rear end codes begin with a G
    Look the rear end codes up first-
    search GM rear end codes-1999-
    then go to your glove box to look.

    No point in getting any muddier than you absolutely have to-which of course you will to replace the tank and fuel pump- but save that muddying until then
    pop the glove box-take a look
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    1/2 ton

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    Default tall tires hurt?

    What diameter are the 295s you have on vs. the stock tires? Taller tires are magnifying your gear problem. Another option would be to watch for a good used six speed automatic. Then you would be geared right all the time.

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    295's are a 33inch tire. I had the same tires and size on my Dodge Cummins and noticed a difference those are really heavy tires. I am sure that is part of the problem for this kid. I would say that 4:10's would make it pretty close to stock without loosing any mileage.

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    Everyone says that a 295 is a 33 but when I measure mine they're 34 1/2 inches wide...or tall, depends how ya look at it. Will the 6 speed automatic bolt up to the motor the same as this transmission or are the bolt holes different? What model has the 6 speed in it? What about the light up display on the dash that tells ya what gear your in? What is different on the 6 speeds? What about my transfer case and all that good stuff? How much trouble is it to put the 6 speed in there?

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    My calculations say 33.4"

    295 X .75=221.25 X 2= 442.4 mm convert to inches/25.4= 17.4"

    add 17.4" and 16"= 33.4" tall.
    Your 34.5" is certainly ballpark and I would use your measurement instead of a calculation.
    The numbers on the sidewall are sorta ballpark.If it measures 34.5" use that number.

    That is a HUGE tire-you certainly could use regearing.Probably won't hurt mpg at all.
    Try to aim for an actual 1700-1800 rpms or so at 60 mph.

    If your original tires were 31" tall, you are now doing about 67mph when your speedometer says you are doing 60 mph.

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    I wouldnt worry about a 6speed that comes with a whole other slew of expensive changes, to begin with you will need a new ECU (and those can be $500 or more used).. The 4spd auto you have currently will more than meet your needs.. As said Gears.. and Gears and Gears.. and dont forget to change the front gears as well.. But moving to at least 4.10s will be just fine for you and you might actually get some mpgs back since the motor doenst have to work as hard to move you truck around the road.


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    I figured the new transmission would be a royal pain in the rear and I dont have the money for that anyhow. Now the lower gears I might be able to pull off. Dad has a 92 over the hill that we use for parts and im pretty sure its got the 4.10s in it. I have no idea how much stuff has changed since then though and Im sure those axels wouldnt work. Do you guys know where i could get a front and rear end? Or do I gotta change the gears themselves or what? I looked at the sticker in the bottom of my glove box and the G code said GT4. I searched that and it said that ment it has 3.73s. So i do know that im setting on 3.73s now. Got the fuel pump in today too. That wasnt too bad of a job.

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