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    Default transfer case ID?

    Hello Neighbors,,, I need to borrow somebody's knowledge. I have a 1980 k10 350/ 350 that I can't seem to be able to ID the transfer case. According to my Haynes manual the 80 X-fer case used 85-90Wt and the 81's and later used Dexron 2. Also the manual tells me there is a tag that ID's the X-fer case,,,,,but I can't find no tag. I did find some #'s on the back of case as follows. AE C-99404-1 N. What is kinda throwing me is that when checking the fluid level,,,it was full and I mean full of Dexron 2. Did PO swap X-fer cases or ? Boy, you just never know about these old trucks,huh? Can fluid from tranny migrate into X-fer case? I need to ID this thing to make sure it has the right fluid. Looks like I am going to have to pull the X-fer case as there is a slight leak at both the output shafts. One more question,,,,Is the transfer case from a standard transmission same as from an auto? Many thanks Joe r

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    Hey Guys,, I really need some help here. I need some help to ID my transfer case. My haynes manual says the 80 and earlier TC use 85-90 while the 81's and later use Dexron 2. Can anybody help? Thanks

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    Not sure if this helps much but did a google search and came across a thread about your transfer case and it seems that the thread starter had the same question. Two pages on that thread check it out. Hope it helps!

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