I installed a Viper 5901 on my tahoe and as soon as i was done with the install and doing the testing phase i had the same issue. I know you are talking about factory install but we dont know if the unit is an aftermarket unit. Anyway the issue on mine was that the settings were not set right and it thought it was installed in a vehicle that was clutch. When it started it went to LIMP mode i think that is what they call it like a safety and shuts off. By driving the computer will reset. Just like if you disconnect the battery you will need to drive the car for atleast 15 minutes to get the computer to receive all the readings from 02 sensors and other sensors.

First go to dealer and see what they say. maybe a 20 dollar tip can help the future aggravation.
Second look under dash and see what model you have, if aftermarket or not.
Third go to a aftermarket installer and see what they say. Maybe they experienced it before.
Forth get an aftermarket installed and the original one removed. More features in aftermarket.

Keep us posted.