I bought my 06 Silverado last August and my ordeal was less then favorable. The dealership is a big chain here in the Upper Valley and they really don't about the customer, they really only care about making the sale. My experience started when I traded my Ranger in and bought a 2000 Sierra. The Sierra was very nice and the previous owner took very good care of it. The only two issues with it was the mileage and the famous GMC piston slap. So I thought about for a while and decided to visit them again to see what they had. They pushed extremely hard to get me to buy a new truck and I finally caved in. The interesting thing about the deal is that the previous owner of the Sierra just happened to be there when I traded the Sierra in (coincidence)hmmmm?? He gave them back a brand new Sierra and took his old truck back. So now I was really stuck with their sales preassure. I finally bought a 06 Silverado with 9,000 miles and quite a few goodies. Some how though I got screwed with the amount of money I ended up paying for the truck and now I'm stuck with a truck I can barley afford. I have tried to work with them to see if I can get into something else but I think they screwed me and that's the way it's going to stay. This dealer's name is "Miller Auto Group" and they own 90% of the dealerships here and so there really is no competition.

The next time I need a vehicle I will be shopping outside of the Upper Valley!