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    Default BFG T/A KO Tire Pressure?

    I have a 2010 GMC AWD SAVANA and the manual says 35 pounds for the crappy General Ameritrac passenger tires. I bought new BFG TA's in the same tire size as the OEM tires 245/70/17. They are E rated.
    Right now cold tire pressure is 34 pounds according to the TPMS and hot tire pressure is 39 pounds. The van is not carrying any weight or towing. The ride is fantastic by the way with these tires. I love them. They are so smooth and quiet. No vibration at any highway speeds whatsoever.

    WHat should I have them filled to cold for maximum life expectancy?

    I don't mind a stiff ride or anything I just want to run them at the best possible inflation pressure to get the longest life possible out of them.

    What do you run your BFG T/A's at?

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    I have the 33x12.50-15 on my 76 K5 and my best tire life was running them at 35# and rotation every 4000 miles.
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    Sounds like you pressure is right in the neighborhood of where it should be. You might be just a tick on the low side. Whatever you do, don't inflate them to the max pressure on the sidewall, or even the pressure in the door jamb.

    The most accurate way to set tire pressure for max life and best ride is to weigh your van, each axle separately. Contact BFG via e-mail, and they will give you the inflation specs for your tires based on weight carried.
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