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    Quote Originally Posted by kawasaki_kid View Post
    well i tried the stop leak, it worked four about 4 days, now its back to leaking again. looks like i will be changing the rad.

    i believe my mechanic said the rad i have is a dual core.

    i am already running glycol, no dexcol.

    i just had the cooling system flushed about a month ago when i had the water pump changed.
    (might the new water pump have something to do with this?)

    i i will be doing the swap myself, sounds easy. my mech. said the worst part is the trans cooler lines(i have no oil cooler), but i used to work at MrLube doing trans. flushes all the time so im not worried about those.

    i went to "Piston Ring" here in winnipeg, they quoted me $240+ tax for a new one, ill trying shopping araound a little more for a better price, but i usually end up back at them buying my parts.

    I was told the new rads like mine cant be repaired? it is leaking between the core itself and the plastic end caps, the seem i guess you'd call it.

    Of course it had to start leaking again on monday morning, when i wont have time to fix it now untill thursday evening. For now its not leaking too bad, managable, i just keep toping it up, carrying some water with me where ever i go. how bad will putting straight water in is for the next 4 days whenever its low affect it? ohh... now that ive thought of it i guess i will need to do a full flush afterward to get all the water out and balance the mix.

    i guess i have a new question now, how can i do a flush myself? ive only ever seen it done using a rad machine.
    I would really check out ebay for the rad it was less than half they quoted you.

    Flush is not hard prestone and the others make a kit you can get but since you just flushed it not too long back I wouldnt worry about it.
    Most of the water is going to drain out when you remove the radiator just fill up with straight coolant and check the mix with a coolant tester
    here is a link

    Your radiator is aluminum with plastic tanks Im pretty sure and they gaskets between the tanks that can leak and yes they can be replaced I had my wifes truck done just to have the tank crack a couple of months later anyways, I paid around $70 for the new seals and having then installed in the radiator new raditor was only about $100
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Zero View Post
    Here read this thread

    I got both of my new rads from radiator classic for right around $100

    Its pretty straight forward on the install and you can do it yourself with handtools.

    Also when you get to looking at your rad look to see if its a single or dual row radiator mine both came with the single but a dual will drop right in the core in wider not the tanks so all fits the same.

    While you are at it now would be a good time to flush the system and change the hoses and the thermostat, flush the system with the OLD radiator still on no need to dirty up the new rad.
    Also believe it or not Amazon had the hoses for my truck cheaper than the local parts stores.
    Fresh green coolant also no funky orange stuff and a new radiator cap!

    As far as warranty's go check this out

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Silla Parts Cooling Systems warrants their radiators and condensers, under normal use and service, for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle in which the radiator was originally installed.
    the lifetime warranty condition is fair enough. Silla just wanted to make sure that the person they're giving this privilege is worthy enough.
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