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    Default Possible Starter Problem

    I have a 1993 K2500 Suburban with approximately 162000 miles on it. I believe I may have an issue with the starter, but needed others input before I jumped under the truck to replace it. Here are the symptoms:

    1. Rencently installed a new alternator and battery with 850 cranking amps but still experienced slight weakness when turning engine over to start. (Felt like battery was as weak as original 600 cranking amp that was installed when I purchased it.)

    2. Weakness and hesitation when starting has gradually increased to the point of an occasional "halt" while first turning over.

    3. Beginning last night, I would go to start the truck and when the starter would kick in, it almost seemed to shudder and strain to turn over the engine. (It almost felt like the engine itself was gummed up!) After the initial shudder, it would immediately fire. Then, it got to the point after 4-5 times of starting, that only a loud clicking noise could be heard from the starter. After several attempts, the starter would again shudder, then turn over the engine - a couple of times as if it was fine, with no battery drain or weakness.

    4. This morning, the starter would only click and not turn over. After several attempts, it would not even click unless I tapped it with a hammer. The battery still seems as strong as ever, and not even a jump helped. Eventually, the loud clicking itself stopped, even with tapping by the hammer.

    Could the starter be bad? Is it my selinoid? Please help out a very frustrated weekend mechanic! Any input would be appreciated. I plan on picking up a new starter today and installing it tonight.

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    check your battery cables, corrsion can weep up inside the insulation and give you the same symptoms as a weak battery or starter.
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    I replaced both terminal ends with marine grade parts when I replaced the battery a couple of months ago. Everything is new and without any corrosion. I had rechecked that this morning when having the problem.

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    Sounds like the starter to me.. They can check it at the parts store..
    Good Luck
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    You have some of the same symptoms i had before i replaced my starter. A wore out starter and silenoid would be able to crank with less power than a fresh starter and therefore would require more battery power to crank, making you think your battery was weak. Thats what happnd to me. I replaced my battery and my truck only started a tad bit stronger so i replaced my starter and now it cranks over fast and strong. And since you said when you hit the starter with a hammer it would start, thats a sure sign of a failing starter and a sticking silenoid.
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    Id go for starter as well..


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