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    Default Ignition switch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarbreaux View Post
    I can stop at a stop light, apply gas to take off and it will die as though out of gas. Most often it happens while traveling at a higher rate of speed. I can be going down the I-49 and have it shut off at 75mph. If you try to start it immediately it will not. It sounds as though it is out of gas. However I can wait 15-20 seconds and it will start right up. At times I can go 40 miles before it happens again and sometimes I don't make it 4 miles. Previously changing the fuel filter has been a temporary fix (4-6months). However this time is different, within 2 days it is happening again.

    And yes I do get all of my lights...immediately, even when it wont start the lights will still be on.
    I am offering this info, but don't know if it applies to these newer trucks. Hopefully someone on the forum will correct me if it is impossible. I had an '86 truck that experienced a similar problem. It would stop running, usually at the worse time. It turned out to be the ignition switch.
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    Your symptoms sound very similar to the ones we experienced on our 02 Flex Fuel Suburban prior to our fuel pump failing. You didn't mention how many miles on the vehicle (or I missed this in the thread). Our fuel pump died at around 79,000 miles. A month or 2 before it died it started killing intermittently and/or run rough briefly, but would always go back to acting normal. Until one day it continually died after only a few minutes of running between stops. Took me about 45 minutes to drive it 2 miles to the shop. I do most of my own maintenance, but dropping the fuel tank was something I didn't have the time to do back when the fuel pump failed.

    As far as the service engine light going on and off - we experienced that also. The intermittent codes (I don't remember their exact number at this time) indicated problems with the fuel injectors - due to intermittent insufficient fuel supply. Once the fuel pump was changed, the service engine light codes went away and fuel supply has been great since (about 35,000 miles).

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree with the fuel pump being the issue. I had a stalling problem that would happen at random times on my '02 Burb. Sometimes would start right up and sometimes would take ten minutes to refire. after about six weeks of chasing the problem I put in a new fuel pump assembly and Wallah! Problem has never returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red View Post
    I am offering this info, but don't know if it applies to these newer trucks. Hopefully someone on the forum will correct me if it is impossible. I had an '86 truck that experienced a similar problem. It would stop running, usually at the worse time. It turned out to be the ignition switch.

    I've had the exact same result. Ignition switch issues caused by my "too heavy" set of keys.
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    I agree with the fuel pump diagnosis. It sounds like what happened in my '99
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    I'm offering this info, it may or may apply but sounds similar to the issue my dad had with his 2000 C3500, it would die going 75 on the highway, finally it would not restart and had to be towed, it turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor
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