I could really use input as to what the problem could be regarding my '02 Flex Fuel Suburban. Over the last year I have been having issues with it shutting off on me while driving. I wait about 20 seconds and it will start right back up. It acts as though the fuel supply is being cut off. I have had the fuel filter changed twice in the last year and it has helped. However it started doing the same thing earlier this week, my commute home is about 70 miles and it shut off about 10-12 times and each time with each time it took even longer before it would start. I had the fuel filter changed Wednesday but 2 days later and its doing the same thing.

I was told that I have 2 fuel filters....true or false. If true where are they both located?

Would a bad Catalytic Converter cause it to act this way?

Any insight would be much appreciated.