Hey guys,
I've not picked up my truck yet..but I've got some pretty big plans tricking it out..
I'm looking into obtaining a Leer 100RCC or 180CC (3" taller) cap with the Thule Roof Rails installed, to that I plan to mount a Yakima Load Warrior with 18" extension. On the Load warrior, I was hoping I'd be able to mount some of KC's 26-series (small, rectangular) spotlights - 4 on the front aimed down at the road for bad weather driving, 2 on the back for reverse.

I was also looking at mounting one of these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...K%3AMEWAX%3AIT

Any idea how best to go about doing that where it'll be visible both front and back? Also..am I going to have clearance issues with the 180CC (taller) cap + roof rails + basket + lights/lightbar? I do have to fit into some parking garages sometimes..Perhaps going with the 100RCC would be better if I plan to mount all of this extra hardware)...

Ideas, suggestions, comments all welcome!