Yeah, I had to do it. I finally have the cash to get a nice set of rims, and here are a few I'm lookin at. Lookin to spend about $1,500 with rims and tires, and the tires I'm getting are 500, so about 900 or less to spend on rims (cause of shipping).
BTW, I'm lookin for 20x8.5s or 20x9s. Lemme know what you think of these!

Clean lookin rim, like the lip and the basic spoke design. Also like that the Enkei company has a good history, and I haven't read any bad reviews of them.

Love the look of this rim, but I'm a little spooked because I can't find much of anything online as far as reviews of the company, or these rims. I really don't want to buy a set of rims and have them start peeling in 6 months. Would love to hear from someone with Mambas!

^^The Helo HE835 Series rim...this one kinda spooks me too because I have heard a wide range of opinions on their quality.

Of course the Rockstars...wish I could afford the chrome set, but that just isn't going to happen. Not sure how I feel about the black with my Pewter Silverado (picture at the bottom of this post), but I know they are a great company...with a price tag to match.

Feel the same as I do with the Rockstars...not sure about the all black look with the Pewter color...what do you think?

Anyways, these are a few that I'm lookin at, opinions are more than welcome! If you think I missed a good option let me know is what I would like, but I just don't think I'm going to be able to find a nice set in my price range in 20s. Prove me wrong