So my truck has been in the shop for a week and a half. My rear end was shot at 150,000 miles. I decided to find a salvaged rear end through the shop it is in. Apparently not once and not twice but three times that salvage company has sent a rear end for a 3/4 ton which has 8 lugs. My truck is a 1/2 ton with six lugs. I say somebody is just a little retarded. The shop made it very clear they needed a six lug. They found a six lug through a different salvage company and the truck should be done tomorrow. This should have been a 1-2 day job, but thanks to morons its been this long. I'm making such a big deal because because I'm very anxiuos. I had the shop throw on my 2/2 Belltech drop kit and its just sitting on a lift and I cant see what it looks like. Not to mention Ive had my truck 3 days out of the last 3 weeks because my lambo doors took a week. Also my fiance"s Jeep is nice but it is still a Jeep. Not very comfortable and I dont even have a bad back or anything. I love my truck, its very comfy as all you Silverado owners know.

Well thats my story. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.