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    Default Intermittent fuel pump

    I have a 96 chevy silverado 1500 w/ 5.7l v8 vortec engine. It use to be hard to start if it sat to long, now wont start unless I pour fuel in the top of the intake. As soon as I turn it off it wont start again. I replaced the fuel filter and made sure the fuel pump was pumping fuel while i had the filter off. Haven't checked the pressure on it yet (dont have a guage)...wondering if anyone has had same problem...and accepting any suggestions..

    for ever grateful!

    I originally posted this under fuel and peformance: I have a 1996 chevy silverado 1500 5.7l V8 vortec engine. The truck wont start, It use to take a couple of tries 2-3 before it would start and if it sat for a couple days it was almost impossible to start, Now wont start at all unless I pour some gas in the top of the intake then it fires right up and runs great, as soon as I turn it off, it wont start again, I have replaced the fuel filter and made sure fuel pump was pumping fuel trough it while I had the connections off. I not sure what the pressure is (dont have a gauge) If anyone has had similar problem or any Ideas on what the problem could be. I would be forever grateful for the help.

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    I had similar issues with my tahoe before the fuel pump finally died. it was pumping enough fuel to keep the truck running but it was always running really lean so i thought it was the fuel filter on mine just needing to be changed. the day i went to buy a new filter for it the truck wouldn't start any longer at all, the pump had completely died so I ordered a new pump off of ebay for it and replaced it so that i wouldn't have any more issues and could at least drive my truck (airtek pump) then found out that the airtek pumps only last about a year so next time it goes out i'll be replacing it with an actual AC DELCO one. if you can afford it you may want to replace the pump the first time with the factory pump unless you don't mind trying to muscle around a 200-300 pound tank full of gas to change the pump out. only two things i can think of that would cause that though the pump or bad injectors the pump is the cheaper of the two to replace because the injector spiders are really expensive.
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    to GMTC. A great place to hang out for all things GM.

    Try using the search tool before posting. A search for "Intermittent fuel pump" is a good place to start. See my post on this subject here: GMTC post 256022

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    Update: Replaced fuel pump and it started right up! Thank you for the info.

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