I just installed a new set of intake manifold gaskets on the 350 in my 98 GMC Suburban a few weeks ago. A few days ago it started intermittently stumbling, dying at idle, and the CEL came on. It feels a great deal to me like what I have experienced with air bypass valves and EGR valves when they stick. I would drive it for a bit, the stumbling would stop, and the CEL would go on. It came on this morning while I was getting ready to head home from a trip from out of town and has run kinda crappy ever since. On the way home I stopped and had he codes pulled, one of which was 101 and the other 108, problems with the MAF and MAP. I bought some cleaner for the MAF, pulled it off, and brought it inside. I haven't cleaned it yet, as it looks pretty clean already. I replaced the MAP sensor when I did the intake manifuld too. Just thought I'd bounce this off of you guys and see what you think.