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    Cool Z55 Autoride suspension Replacement 2000 Suburban

    I have a 2000 Burb 1500 4WD with said suspension. I want to replace this overpriced suspension with a regualr HD shock package. I don't tow or haul anything with this vehicle. It's my wife's vehicle. Auto zone says their comp says a Bilstein shock will work, then Bilstein says no. Same with other manufacturers. I think they're saying no because their shock won't do what the factory shock will do. I don't care. I don't need or want the autoride with the self leveling air shocks. Can someone clarify this for me or make a suggestion. I don't mean to make this like brain surgery. I just want to replace the worn out shocks and move on without having to take a loan. I do have a mechanic background but noone will give me a straight answer.

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    Hey I can help you I am going to do the same to my burban. Basicaly the shocks are the same just put standard non electric or air shocks with a hydro or gas shock and just take your truck to someone who can flash your pcm and turn off the autoride option. It should be in and should be able to turn it off. I have an 02 and I added factory electric fans from an 05. I took mine to a guy with HP tuners software and he turned on the fan option and they work just like factory. I will be going back to have the autoride turned off. Like you said its not brain surgery you just need the right tools!

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    If this helps I work at an off road shop and I have only ever owned GM trucks and only ever will!

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    Another option is theres a company called that make replacement shock/springs to replace the autoride. There pricey but work well and if your going to keep the truck than there worth it.

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    Thumbs up Z55 suspension

    There is an online company by that name but I still dont want to spend the money for those shocks because I might put a 4.5'' BDS lift on this thing down the road which I would have to do away with the z55 anyhow. Dbl checked on how to turn off the z55 you need to find a shop with a tech2 and they can turn it off. If you unplug any of the shocks your truck will only run 62mph max plus you will get a SES light. Good Luck!

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    I'm looking at an option from mind you I'm not advertising for them - they do have rebuilt stock rears and pump so you get the autoride back and more importantly the autodampening... They also have a bilstein option but this tosses the autodampening out the window which I want to retain on my '03 yukon. By the way - you don't have to deal with the dealership to have autoride disabled in the ECU - these guys will sell you a plug in sensor emulator that will tell the truck it's working as it should to eliminate the errors on the dash (this comes with some of their stuff). I found that 2 rears at ~400/pair is a deal to retain factory auto ride - I'm also replacing the compressor. I'll post a review after I install it. I'm still looking for the fronts tho - does ANY one know if the Yukon SLT autoride has electronic shocks in the front ?? Or can I just toss normal KYB's or Konis in there ? Any other suggested shocks for the front that would pair well with the factory rear ?? I don't want to screw up the dynamics of the vehicle. I'm not lifting this one (wish I had the $$ to do that ;) tho ).


    Edit - This is the Z55 package and fyi - the front shocks are auto dampening so they would require either a similar plug and play replacement or a plug in dummy sensor.
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    Default Z55 suspension

    I m not speding 400 bucks on shocks. I have a guy with a tech2 and he can turn off the z55 in the pcm. I bought Zone Off Road Gas shocks for 41.50 each. I dont care about the rear air ride I dont tow enough to need it. Just check ur front shocks if there is a wire going to the top of the stem then it has the electric shocks. I put a 2'' leveling kit on my burban plus its a 3/4 ton and it rides rough with the z55 so I am just going to do away with it. Thanks for the input I will say this factory 05 fans and a relay from Nelson perfomance was the best money I spent on it sp far!

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    Default Z55 Autoride Suspension

    Hey fellows, I'm finally getting around to replacing these shocks. If I can't find anyone to flash the pcm and turn off the Z55 I'm going to put the resistors in. Now, here is my question. I've done some research and some say use a (4.7k Ohm, 1/2 watt resistor), some say use a (22 Ohm resistor), and some say use a (25 Watt @ 3.9 Ohms). What gives. Anyone know which one is right or are they all the same. I couldn't find the plug in dummy sensors anywhere. I thought if a company sells them with their shocks, someone should sell them seperately. I wouldn't think they are they only company that has them. Let me know what you guys think.

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    will that work with a 2005 suburban with autoride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapps View Post
    will that work with a 2005 suburban with autoride?

    I don't see why not!

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    Cool Z55 suspension

    I can tell you this I have replaced my shocks with the Zone Off Road Nitro gas shocks which are great for the money $41.50 beats $250.00 anyday and I am getting a light to service ride control but the truck doesnt shut off at 62 MPH My local shop that has a techII needs to send his in for a repair so for now I just have an annoying light on. I dont see much difference in ride quality those Zone Nitros are very nice shocks. He is a tip though BDS has their gas shocks made for them by Edelbrock and they are switching to gas shocks made for them by FOX so they maybe rebuildable down the road. L8r!

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