I have a 2010 Silverado and was told by the dealership that my truck comes with the ability to have remote start even though I didn't buy it with remote start from the dealership. They said all I needed to do was buy the Key Fob and then have the dealership program it to the truck. Well I decided instead of paying 160+ for the Fob from Chevy I bought the exact same fob from eBay. I programmed the fob to the truck and it works fine besides the remote start. When I hit the remote start button after hitting the lock button the turn signal lights flash but thats it. I then took it to the dealership to have them program it. They then said I need some code for them to be able to use the programmer to program it to my truck. I did not get a code when I bought the fob on eBay.

Am I out of luck?

Thanks for reading.