Hey guys i keep noticing that my 07 classic 4.3 v6 keeps shaking if i keep it at 900(just over idleish) - 1600 RPM like when city driving im really conservative with the pedal and i mean theres not much slower that i can go without popping it into neutral and pushing it lol and i mean i already have one speeding ticket for going 58 in a 50 (kph) zone!! ****in cop in training it was such a joke like 26$ CDN! neways getting back to the point has anyone notcied this shaking/rattling? i brought it to the dealer when i got my first oil change at 2500kms and they said it just had to be broken in, its now almost got 8000 on it and it still does it especially tonight it was extra loud any help withthis would be appreciated!