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    Default Is the era of the mega-bass system dead?

    Everyone knows what a big-boom bass stereo system is. They started in the mid-to-late 1980s with the rap/hip-hop crowd, then just about everyone wanted one.

    I grew up in Seattle and spent my late teens and 20's listening to all sorts of music that was going on in that area, including stuff that was on my friends big-boom stereo systems.

    However, just yesterday I head a guy out by my new house putting off some boom. It was the first time in at least a year that I heard someone doing that. It's not that I leave a sheltered life, I'm out and I go to different places where people gather together.

    Is it me, or are less people installing the ear-splitting hear-it-500-feet-away systems, and going towards a good and clear sound system? I know that some of my friends who used to have the lound systems are now complaining of hearing loss, these are guys in their early 30s, mind you.

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    my brother has that kind of stereo system. you can hear him coming up the street. my other brother can be heard too but not because of his stereo, but because of his exaust and engine. id rather have a loud car/truck than a loud stereo.

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    You know what, on my way to and from Home Depot last night I must have heard a couple of different guys going down the road bumping with bass pretty hard. Who knows, maybe I've just been ignoring them for a while.

    Yeah, I've never had a car stereo like that, I've always put the money into something to get the rubber burning.

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    My wife's ex is all about sub woofer boxes. But he gets them at places like "Rent-A-Center" and they sound like poop. He came wheelin into my yard a few weeks ago to pick up his daughter for the weekend and got out of the car, leaving it on and "bumping" in the yard (Like the morons at the gas station who go inside for 30 minutes and leave that crap blairing) I went inside, and nicely invited him to go back to his car and turn that crap off, and not to EVER come up in my driveway like that again or I'd have to run over his honda with my full-size Bronco.

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    i think its either the tickets people got from loud music, or that the thief followed you and later stole your ride, is whats preventing people from blairing their loud music. but everyonce and a while i see someone doing it. and usually its some crappy sound system on a crappy car.

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    Yeah, those are always thoughts. Bass that can be heard for 75 feet is a disturbing the peace ticket in a lot of places. Not to mention that's a lot of stuff to keep in your car, in terms of value. they guy who replaced my rear-window yesterday said that the aftermarket DVD players are big ticket items in terms of theives stealing.

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    I will be picking up a naked 99 GMC Suburban this weekend and will share my install with all that is interested.

    I do quite a few installs and "mega bass" is still the in thing. I was all about SPL when I was younger, but now I lean towards SQ.

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    I don't hear as much of it as I used to. We live on a long road that everyone uses as a cut through to get to the other side of town. Even though my road is residential, it's pretty much become a main road, so there are many cars that come down my road, and not so many of them are pumpin' bass, like they used to be.
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    Every car I've owned I had atleas 2 12s or more. But then i noticed it got harder to hear. So i've cut back. I think I'll only install 2 10s on my Silverado.
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    i cant stand that boom noise..i live in the country(well sort of i got a farm) and we get these kids drivin by blairing that rap music as loud as they can..this one kid with the crappiest s10blazer iv ever seen has them so loud that when hes got his head lights on wheneveer the base is on the headlights dim and basically turn off to the beat of the music..
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