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    I Use Sea foam IN MY GMC My Mack & my lawn garden equipment. I Swear by it.


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    eas' bum fuk, maine


    doesnt the tahoe have hydraboost? if it does then boost is multiplied by the use of the power steering pump not vacuum and the master cylinder should sit on this fixture that has i think two steel lines running out of it and into yoru p.s system
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    when adding the seafoam to the fuel, does it matter on what level the tank is at? should i run it empty then put the seafoam in a the gas station and and fill 'er back up? or is there no preference?

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    the more fuel in the tank the longer you'll be running it thru, so in my opinion 1/2 -2/2 is better than emptier cus it will be cleaning more and longer and if you put it in at a lower level you might get a rough idle for a while cus it doesnt burn off as good as gas
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    ok sounds good, if I do it on about 3/4 tank, still recommend about 1/3rd of the can put in? or more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by egreg View Post
    From what I've heard, there are three ways to use Seafoam - In the fuel tank, in the intake manifold (i.e. vacuum lines), or in the oil. I've put it in my brake booster line and in my gas tank before, but I'm skeptical about putting it in my oil. Thoughts on this?
    Been using SF in oil (along with the top end of the engine and intake) with great results...


    Add a can to the crankcase and a can to the gas tank at the same time, planning for an oil change. I say this since I would change the engine oil after about 200-300 miles (i.e. about a tank of gas). Don't run SF in the crankcase any longer since it will cause the oil to start to deteriorate as it works over the sludge and gunk in the engine. I will plan in an oil change and SF the top end (thru the vacuum line) and the TB in the same service. One tip that's worked well for me is to SF the top end and TB, drive it after letting it sit to clear out the crap and then do the oil change. That way everything is all cleaned up and then you change out the oil- good as new!

    Change out the oil and filter and drive the hell out of it!



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    Default Sea Foam in newer vehicles...

    So what about newer vehicles? Is this a good thing to run about every 2-3 oil changes? Maybe just for preventive maintenance...? Perhaps not the oil until about 35-40k but as far as fuel goes.. I would feel maybe a can in the fuel tank every 2-3 oil changes wouldnt hurt anybody... Ideas? Opinions?
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    Actually, I have been using SF in newer vehicles specifically in the gas tank. Since newer vehicles tend to have the filter in the tank (not owner replaceable) I have been using it to keep the tank and fuel system cleaned out. I'll add a can about once every 6 months and have never had a fuel related problem in the cars or bikes.

    As for the crankcase, I will use it about once a year just for good measure generally in the fall.


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    Murdog94 - When you say pour SF in the brake booster line at 1200 to 1500 rpm and then let sit, do you mean let it sit for an hour to 2 hours whiles its running or shut off?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportmod5 View Post
    Murdog94 - When you say pour SF in the brake booster line at 1200 to 1500 rpm and then let sit, do you mean let it sit for an hour to 2 hours whiles its running or shut off?

    Let it sit with engine OFF. When you start up two hours later, go for a ride and enjoy the smoke show!

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