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Thread: Topkick hood

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    Post Topkick hood

    Can u put a 5500 Topkick hood on a 1500 GMC

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    i have a k2500 xtra cab and just baught a topkick and will probably guess no...even with some cutomification i think it is to wide and too short nose to window?

    oddly they are exactly the same lenght and the topkick is a four door!

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    If your truck is an 88-98, the hood will line up with the doors and windshield, but the fenders are attached to the hood and are way too wide for a normal truck. You would need to do some major fender modification to the hood, and I don't think you would get away with it legally, since the topkick hood comes down to the bottom of where the bumper would be on a normal truck. This picture shows the width of the topkick hood compared to a normal pickup (the cab is the same as the pickup, and the fenders stick out past that on each side).

    If your truck is any other year, it would be even more difficult. In the end, with the amount of custom work it would take to fit it on any pickup truck, you would be much farther ahead to get a cowl hood or something else you like that fits better.
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    yes that sounds almost way too much work for what its worth, just buy a topkick if you like one...

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    i was goin 2 lift my truck n put dalluy fenders n the rear the topkick hood was a wierd thoght i didnt know if it would b hard 2 mount the radiator cause the max wide u can go on the roads is 8.5 ft i thank a semi is 10 ft thou
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    The hood might be pushing 8.5ft wide, but I'm not sure. If you were to find a way to mount it on there though, I see 2 main issues: track width and bumper placement. You would have to seriously widen your front track or find a way to use dual wheels on the front in order to fill the fenders. Since the hood folds forward, you would have to have to use the topkick bumper. For this, you would need to either fab up some brackets or have 10+ inches of body lift to accommodate it since it sits entirely below the body line of your truck. Either way, I think it would look out of place sitting that low unless you were to have some tanks or sideskurts or something extending down to the same level along the side of the truck. IMO, if you want a topkick hood, like someone else here said, maybe a whole topkick would be a better option

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