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    Unhappy rough idle, hesition, dieing, no start

    I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 4.8L V8. for the past six months it has been idleing rough, and when you give it gas to take off it hesitates sometimes also when cruising when you give it a lil gas to pick up a few mph it jerks. someone told me it was the fuel pump so i changed it, nothing changed problem was still there. so i tried seafoam, didnt help, the day after i changed the fuel pump i was on my way to work and it died going down the interstate. after about 5 or six tryes it started but ran horible and died. cranked it one more time and gave it a lil gas then it stayed running. a couple of days later im on my way home from work pulled up to a red light but when i took off it stutterd and died and now if wont crank at all. please help!!!! i am mechanically inclined so if i can get so testing proceedures im all ears thanks

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    I would probably start with some basic diagnostics: Even with the new fuel pump, I'd put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see what fuel pressure is doing, I'd probably put a scanner on it to see if there are any pending codes or other information, check for vacuum leaks.
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    pull the vaccuum line off the fuel pressure regulator at the top of the motor. If you have gas coming out of the vaccuum line, your F/P regulator is bad. That will cause your low idle, rough running, etc. Just something to check.

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    Smile fixed one problem

    i fixed the the no start problem now to handle the rest

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    This forum is all about gathering information to help us all resolve these issues. Would you care to describe what fixed the no start and how you diagnosed the problem?

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    the fuel pump connector was loose. when i wiggled it it ran so i pulled the bed and saw the connector was loose

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