I need help from the community again.
I have a 1997 Express 2500 van and I'm troubleshooting some fuel pump issues.
I have replaced the pump that was intermittent in it's operation and still have no fuel pumping or hear the sound of the pump working. I have replaced the fuel pressure relay.
Is there another fuse in the box under the hood?
My diagram on the box lid is messed up and I can't read it.
I noticed a section of the harness had been pinched against the frame and so I want to check those wires for the proper voltage.
I have 4 wires in the harness.
Black (largest wire gauge of the four)
Tan or Yellow (I can't tell exactly)
Also, when I put in the previous pump about 2 years ago, immediately the fuel gauge would go back and forth when using the turn signal.
With this new pump the gauge fluctuates the same way.
Any help is appreciated!