The place that I have been going to get my car serviced for the past ten years has just changed owners AGAIN. They are now Classic Express, on S. Cooper street in Arlington, TX. Seems to be run pretty well. Here's their facebook page.

Got the oil changed, car washed, vacuumed out and armor-alled everything, windows all cleaned inside and out, for about $60 total. That's pretty good in my book for all that I got.

Anyhow, they claim to have wi-fi, but it didn't work. Need to get my inspection done, may head back up there tomorrow to get that done.

Got the oil changed, and they use the individual pints of oil, so you can see what they are putting in there. They did a great job cleaning up the vehicle.

Wi-fi wasn't working. They took out a bunch of seating inside so there's not any place to sit down if there are more than 4 people inside.