Hey guys,

Recently bought a 07 Trailblazer withthe LT package, V8 5.3, sunroff and just 2wd with 36k miles no 3rd row.. I bought it because I like the sunroof in a suv and it's big enough for me and my kids to go camping which we have already and enough power to tow my Supra to the strips!

The only complaint that I have is the gas mileage! I drive it mostly highway and between 65 and 70 mph..I would say about 120 miles per day about 100 of it is highway... I don't get on it very much at all unless switching lanes and getting on the hwy but I'm only getting 14mpg! I tried never getting it over 2k rpms and no ac for 1 full tank and still only got 14mpg..

I did have a problem with the gas cap when I got the SUV.. it would never stay on and when I put gas in it, the gauge would go to full and then drop to empty and do so several times... I went to Autozone and got another cap and the engine light is on and still having the same issue..

Any suggestions?