Well, more trouble with the sub... I was up at the boy scout camp, and I had just made a turn on some uneven ground, and I blew the upper balljoint on the passenger side of the truck. So, I had to scrounge tools up from friends, drive 30 mins into town with a leader to get parts and such, then work in the rain to get the balljoint fixed. Needless to say, I'm wore out from this one, working on the truck, and also fufilling my Quartermaster duties for the camping trip I was on, but I got it done. The upper half of the upper balljoin, the shroud area that holds the lower half with the ball in, shattered, causing the truck to fall to the ground. Luckily, I was only doing like 3 mph when this happened, so no damage was caused that I know of, except for the ball join itself. Since that one failed, and it was the origrinal factory ball joint, I will be replacing the other 3 in the next couple weeks. I didn't get any pics of the work, as usual (and I had my cameraphone on me too...someone remind me LOL), however, I'll get some when I replace the other 3 balljoints.