You probably figured this was a joke thread, and in some respects it is, but it's not the funny kind.

Prior to the Easter weekend a RI school superintendent decided that anything "Easter Bunny" related was to be banned from the school's craft fair.
This became a huge controversy as I'm sure you can imagine. It was terribly distorted to the point that my daughter came home being told by school teachers that students were no longer allowed to say "Easter Bunny" on school grounds. For fear that it would offend those who are opposed to the easter bunny.

Thankfully senator Rick Singleton came to the defense and is trying to get a bill passed making it illegal to ban "ANY" religious icons from school.
The point was made that if this kind of attitude towards people's individual rights to celebrate their holiday the way it was intended, is allowed to progress then some time in the future we would no longer call them Christmas trees, but "Holiday trees", and a Menorah would be called a countdown candelabra.
That would kind of suck the cheer out of the holidays.