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    Default Passanger floor is wet in my 92 Sonoma... Heat core bite the dust? How to dissconnect

    So the passanger floor in my reg cab somona is soaked... been damp for a bit and I figured the heater core was on the way out.. I'm toying with getting a new truck sometime really soon. But I want to just do a temp fix for now just so the floor isn't soaked all the time. How can I dissconnect the heater core so it stops leaking into my cab? If that is the problem, I've heard from a few guys it most likely is.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    If you look in your engine bay, somewhere near the passenger side of the truck there should be 2 hoses coming through the firewall. One is the input line ot the heater core, the other is the out. If you get a repair kit from an auto parts store for a coolant line, you cut the hoses going through the firewall and connect them together. You thereby bypass the heater core. The engine temps may run a tad higher as a result, but it should not be catastrophic. I ran my suburban like this with my heater bypassed for months down here in the hot south with no ill effects.

    Something else you may want to consider, are you sure it's coolant that's on your floor? Does it have that weird sweet smell to it that antifreeze has? It may be a plugged drain somewhere that's just dupming water or melted snow in the cab.

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    it smells like vinegar a little bit.. I thought maybe it was water.. but im not sure where it would all be coming in through.. where would I look fordrain holes? I might just do the bypass. I'm more then likely trading the truck in , in a couple weeks for a "new" (to me) truck.. I'm liking the newer serria's

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