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    Default 2001 Silverado Problems

    My speedo seems to stick at around 40 mph then jumps to 45 , it doesn't gradualy climb like it should. Also, my fuel guage jumps from empty to full all the time, when I am at idle it sits on empty until I put it into drive then it jumps around finally reaching the right spot. My biggest problem is my truck has started to idle real low and sometimes it even dies. I can start it up fine some days and others it idles around 200 until it eventually dies. I have changed the plug wires and plugs and I will change the fuel filter tonight to see if that is the cause. Anyone had these problems.

    2001 Chevy Silverado with Regency Package
    4.8 litre V8
    105,500 miles

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    Could be a loose ground wire on the dash, don't know where it is, maybe someone else knows.

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