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    Default Aftermarket fuel pump for '98 suburban?

    Hi, new here. New to the Vortec 350 and suburban, but not new to the automotive world. I know mostly LSX stuff for the most part, and some fords. I'm about to acquire a 1998 Suburban 4x4 5.7L from my in-laws. It's fuel pump is currently dead, which I understand is a common problem. The truck also has a whipple s/c on it with an FMU i believe to deliver the fuel. I've heard from my father-in-law that it's been through about 3 fuel pumps. So, I'm looking to solve that problem by getting a fuel pump that can actually handle the job for the s/c and possible a harness if they are made by anyone. I know the voltage through the stock harness is a problem. My question is basically what are my options? Does anyone make a kit? Or will this be a custom job (which I have no problem with)? And, has anyone done something like this and has posted somewhere?

    I've tried a search and only came up with people replacing stock pumps and complaining about pump failures.

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    AC Delco pump. I burned up a 3rd party pump in three days. With the 'charger on there, you may want to give someone like Summit Racing a call and see what they have to say too?

    I understand the dealerships have a replacement harness they are supposed to put on when they do a pump replacement. I had mine done by a shop before I learned that info. I want to build my own harness, but just haven't felt like dropping the tank on my own just to look at the harness. I'd love to find the dimensions (length and gauge) and connections so I can just build one and put it in whenever. I'm thinking that a larger gauge (10?) should take care of the problem.
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    We installed several Whipples on 96-98 Suburbans with 454s and they supplied a upgraded fuel pump. I'd give Whipple a call and see what they offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silveradotrailblazer View Post
    We installed several Whipples on 96-98 Suburbans with 454s and they supplied a upgraded fuel pump. I'd give Whipple a call and see what they offer.
    Thanks, I'll talk to the father in law about that too. He never mentioned if it was a pump from whipple, just that he's replaced it 3 times. I got a shop with a 4 post lift, so taking the tank out won't be a problem. And, I'll just see what I can do about making my own harness while I'm in there too.

    The whipple on it is pretty neat I guess. It doesn't sit on the intake like you see on most applications like lightnings and cobras. It actually is bolted on like a centrifugal s/c.

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    Ok, got her changed out and she's running. Talked to the father in law and found out that the harness has already been changed out because he has been getting the work done by a GM dealership when the fuel pumps went out. I ended up doing something a little different. I have a garage that I rent with a couple other gearheads and two of them are lightning guys. They have a couple of wild rides with custom fuel systems, so they have their stock pumps laying around. The lightning comes with two pumps, each flowing 190lph. So we dropped the tank, to the pump out of the housing, modified the housing, wired in the lightning pump, and ran a new fuel line to the top of the housing. Put her back together and fired her up!

    I figure this thing can't be making much more than 300whp, so 190lph pump should be more than enough than the stocker was. The pump I did replace was definitely a stocker as well, which would explain why he was burning them up...trying to run the stocker with a higher fuel demand. Here are a couple pics I took with my phone after we put everything in the housing.

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    Any idea what the pressure rating on that pump is? I've often wondered if the design pressure for the pump is too close to the 60 psi operating pressure of the system.
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    I know the stock L's are around 40psi. The guys that have 'em have run the stockers with an adjustable fpr around 58psi with no problems. The only problem I might see is if the FMU causes a crazy psi, but the pump should handle it.

    Edit: did a quick search and it's about 130lph at 60psi.
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    A little off topic but i really wanna see some pics of the Burb.. When my 5.7L i have now lets go i want to add a whipple charger to make a few more towing ponies. No need for a 3/4ton when pulling the boat but i want to tromp the throttle and "go like hell". And As to Fuel pump Suggestions i also run Delphi for fuel pumps.. The main brand that i have had the least luck with is Carter...


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