2002 Z71 Tahoe 4x4. So far i have replaced both front wheel brg assemblies with sensors and speed sensors on the tailshaft of trans.The problem i am experiencing is this, When i installed the VSS sensor on the trans my ABS light did go off and my speedometer went back to normal and transmission was shifting normal with no warning lights on dash only downfall was my ABS was engaging at low speeds.So as usual near the end of my test drive the ABS and BRAKE lights start flashing and the speedo starts acting eractic so then the trans starts shifting up and down because of the speedo.So ABS light is now on again but the ABS isnt engaging at low speeds as long as the dash light is on and speedo works for a while and stops for a while.Checked the ground and cleaned her up under drivers door and checked all fuses and ABS motor is not running all the time.Hope i didnt leave anything out i am at wits end and dont know what else to check.Thanks in advance.