I have a 97 Tahoe 4wd W/automatic transmission. I have just had a problem I hope someone can help me out with. After driving at highway speeds 65-70 for about 25 miles as I slowed then stopped the ABS warning light came on the speedometer went to 0 and it seemed like the transmission was disengaged or slipping. I put in neutral then back into drive, nothing. I slipped it down into 3rd, nothing. When I put into 2nd it ran and I was able to go the mile home with the speedometer staying at 0. After sitting awhile it seems ok and moves in reverse and in drive, and the ABS warning light is gone. What gives? Is this a break issue causing the computer to disengage the transmission to or is it a transmission problem giving an ABS warning light? Where do I start?
Thanks for any help you may offer.