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Ok I need help here also. When the inside of my truck is below 50 degrees somtimes higher, none of the speakers work at all not even the tweeters. They just make a consistant poping noise even with the key off and the doors open. After it warms up they work great until the truck gets cold again. All the wires are hooked up tight and fuses are fine, I just cant figure it out and it is really annoying if it doesnt get above 30 degrees out side. If you have any info please let me know. I dont think It is the speakers that are bad because they all do it at the same exact time. Oh I forgot its the bose 6 speaker. Any help will be great!
It could either be a speaker or speakers grounding out or a problem with the amp. If a speaker grounds it means the speaker is bad like the voice coil seperated or somn or there is a break in the wire and its touching a ground. If a speaker grounds out it puts the amp into protect mode meaning it just shuts off the amp so no sound but the radio will still be working. When it pops listen to see if its coming out of one or two speakers or is every speaker. If it comes out of a certain speaker and not all it means the speaker that pops is the speaker thats grounding out. You can test it by disconnecting all of the speakers but make sure the amp and deck are still operational. Then connect one speaker by itself and see if it produces sound. If it doesnt produce sound thats the speaker thats grounding out. But make sure you test every single one by itself the same way cause it can be more than one grounding out. Then test the speaker and make sure its got the right resistance. If the speaker isnt bad then its a break in the speaker wire touching metal so you either need to trace it to the source which usually they break in the boot area or run new speaker wire. But if the speaker is bad your gonna have to either replace it with the same bose speaker because aftermarket speakers will not work with the amp. The only way to do it if your gonna go aftermarket is to replace all the speakers and either add an amp or powered deck.The stock deck itself just sends signal so it wont power the speakers.
If the popping is from all the speakers its gonna be the bose amp. So in that case your either gonna have to replace with an aftermarket amp or spend the ridiculous amount of money for the stock bose amp. Or you can replace all the speakers and the amp with all aftermarket stuff. Also you can replace the deck but you have to replace the speakers also cause they run at a weird ohm load like 2 ohms and any aftermarket deck is made to run at 4 so it will just overheat the deck and put it into protect.
Overall either way its gonna be better to go aftermarket. Its gonna be cheaper and sound alot better than the bose system. Bose in short is crap. People think it sounds awesome because it has more bass than the average stock system. No highs no lows must be bose. If you want good sound then get a good aftermarket system. Bose is a glorified stock system. The speakers are cheaply made and not made to last. Its pure mids. When I buy a new pickup I wouldnt get a radio or speakers in it at all if I could because I just tear everything out anyway. Thats my take let me know if it helps