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    Unhappy 93 Suburban Coolant disappearing.

    I have a 1993 C1500 Chevy Suburban. I have noticed that the coolant in the reservoir has been disappearing slowly over the last couple of days. I looked around for leaks and it doesn't drip a drop. Mileage is 170000+. Overall she runs like a dream except for the occasional "chugging" when I am on the freeway.

    It almost feels as though the engine is hesitating a bit. It only seems to happen at 60-65 MPH however. I am thinking it is related to the coolant disappearing.

    I am not the most mechanically inclined individual, however I can usually figure stuff out pretty quickly. If someone could possibly offer some suggestions so as to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.


    UPDATE: I found a leak coming from the front of the engine. There is a large hose going from the lower left-hand side of the radiator to the engine block. I looks as though the hose may have begun to work itself loose. If this is the case, could that also be the cause of the hesitation I noticed. It started hesitating a whole bunch, but only after it had warmed up a bit. Thanks!
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    Welcome maddoghoek777, What motor is in it?


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    Sounds like it could be burning it. Exhaust usually is fluffy white and thicker than normal with a sweeter smell. Plugs will foul (Whitish build up on plug). Oil might have traces too (usually foamy and discoloured) Check the easy and obvious first. So pull a plug have a peek. Check intake gasket (for puddles up top) Head gasket is going to be a little more advanced. Let us know. Some of the other guys here are real smart cookies. Good luck.

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    Thumbs up Pressure test

    Your mechanic should be able to pressure test the cooling system. I do it myself with a pressure tester I bought from NAPA. I bought a more expensive model, but you can get one from them for as low as $40. It will help identify most leaks. I was losing coolant and found a leak in the rear heater's hose and at the barb off the intake manifold. See it at NAPA
    Item#: BK 7003026

    Price: $37.69
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    I think the engine is the 350 5.9L, I know it is not the larger 454 (wish it was though.)

    As far as the exhaust goes, there is no smoke or anything of that nature, but I will certainly pull a plug and have a look. I know this is a very novice question... but where do I find the intake gasket? Do you mean to take the air filter out and have a look in the "housing" for puddles?

    If it is in fact burning the coolant, is that an relatively "easy" fix? Or is it more along the lines of a head gasket replacement?

    Thanks so much for the replies!


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    I will pick one of those up and give it a shot.



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    If you don't detect any visible leaks, you may have a leak in the intake or head gaskets. You can check for head gasket leaks with a combustion leak detector that goes for under $30. See the Lisle tool at: Tool Warehouse

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    Default Lower seals?

    I had a 99 Burb and at 113000 I had to replace the lower seals. I had the same symptoms you are having. Just a thought.....

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