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    Default HELP!! I dont know what to do..

    I got a buddy that ran down a fence line with his truck and it bent the frame. A frame shop can straighten and allign the truck for about 600$ The truck is a 2006 silverado 1500 crew cab 3/4 ton and im hesitant to purchase the truck from him. The title is clean and he wants $5,500 for this truck. If the truck is straight and alligned for around $6,500 can I really go wrong what kind of problems am I looking at its a big risk for me and i dont know what to do... help!

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    this is a picture of the under carraige
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    I would take it to my own body shop and get there opinion.

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    Get it checked on a laser sight frame machine and get a print out. if it turns out to be straight, i wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
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    there's probably nothing else major wrong with it, but i'd still look over the drivetrain components real well too (engine, trans, mounts, etc); just good practice when buying any used vehicle, but especially so on one that's been "off road"
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    the body shop its at now has told me the frame isnt straight. but im buying the truck contigant upon the truck going into allignment. he will straighten the frame and he takes it to a local Big O tire for allignment so he cant really fudge the number to sell me a crap truck. the truck runs and drives the way it is but the guy said that you cannot replace the crossmember is it going to be a problem to have a dented crossmember?

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    What are those weld on brackets on the cross member? For a home made skid plate?

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    This is a deal you should only make if you are saving "lots" of money.
    What would this truck sell for if it wasn't dinged. The NADA black book values are usually the best-maybe a trade in value, not a retail value.

    If it would normally actually sell for $9,500 then it is worth a shot.

    If you are only saving $1000-$1500-then pass on it.

    A bent frame-even fixed-should mean that it sells for a very low price.

    Play a little more hardball on the price.You are going to buy this truck-then hope that once it is straightened, it drives ok with nothing else turning up dinged.

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    The truck books on KBB for

    Condition Value Excellent

    so if im buying it for $5,500 plus another 750 for straignting the frame allignment and it needed a tie rod end. I think I should be doing pretty decent.. this is why I need your help tho cause usually something that sounds to good to be true usually is....

    those weld on brackets I was told were for the body shop to try and straighten the crossmember.

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    The damage doesn't look too bad. But I wouldn't buy the truck unless after the frame has been straightened and tie rod and alignment issues have been corrected. If everything goes in the green, then I'd say go for it.
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    If all else fails the truck can be parted out in the neighborhood of $8500, so if you arent oposed to selling it off piece by piece if the frame work doesnt fix it then you could still make a little money.
    Back when I was buying and selling vehicles I tried to stay away from those that had frame damage or repaired frame damage.
    No matter how good a job the shop did straightening them, I've seen some straighter than the factory after being worked on, they never felt right.
    Wherever the tweak in the frame was will be a permanent weak spot unless it's somehow strengthened, it's not unusual to ses that spot tweak again or develop stress cracks. This is a 3/4 ton truck so the reality is it'll be used for heavy work sooner or later, the frame has been compromised so whats the true rating on this truck now and after repairs?

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