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Since my last GPS got lifted out of my Trailblazer, I need to get a new one. Anyone have any suggestions?
This is why I only do in-dash GPS... Thieves lift portable units steadily in most jurisdictions.

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Do you want in dash or portable? In Dash Kenwood all the way.... Hands down... Portable... Stay with the top 3.. Garmin,Tom Tom or Magellan.....
This x2. The chief reason for this is that you're interested in navigation and the Kenwoods all use Garmin for navigation.

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i'd have to disagree with the in dash kenwood being #1. i'm a pioneer head unit believer, pioneer may not be very good at other things such as a speaker or amp, but in the mobile audio world they are definitely top of the list for head units and quality... i still have my Pioneer AVIC-D3 indash nav/dvd that i bought brand new 8 years ago and has been in 6 diff. cars lol and is now in my silverado. Some custom work to install, but thats what i used to do so i made it work out nice.
Pioneer is not as strong at navigation compared to the Garmin offering contained within Kenwood units -- and this thread is about navigation units.