i have a 2010 GMC sierra WT 2door and I REALLY want the outside temperature gauge. I know my truck has a thermometer because it warns me when ice is present and i can see the thermometer in my grill. However, i cannot find a way to be able to unlock it in my dash like stock LS and LT trucks have

I was in my friends 2007 Avalanche with the temp and compass in the mirror and it dawned on me that I could find a salvage mirror and possibly rewire it.

It has onstar which would be useless but I really like the look of the mirror and its auto dimming Can I somehow wire this up for power and attach a thermometer to it? possibly tapping off of my stock one? how does the compass work, i imagine its built into the mirror. I did find one off a salvage avalanche with the "Wire Harness"

This would be awesome if it could work! Lemme know your thoughts (btw: im pretty good with wiring)