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    Default Leveling/lift/tire/wheel questions. ive searched!

    ive searched everywhere and couldnt find any exact answers i was looking for. i have a few questions i was wondering if someone can help me with. will a 3in leveling put too much stress on the ball joints etc? or should i stick with a 2.5? im planing on runing a 17x8.5 wheel what backspace will i need to clear 33x12.5 and if decide to do a 6 inch suspension lift in the future id want to use these same wheels w/ 35's?

    and if i do decide to do a 6 inch in stead how much are the 4.56 gears and what kind to get? and how much does installation run for them.

    thanks alot in advanced. i appeciate it!


    after research and reviews. im going with a 2.5 leveling kit. the wheels im going with only comes in one size and offet. 17x8 -10 offset and that leaves me with a 4.1 back space. from further research 33's will rub and require cutting so ill be going with a 285 70 17. ill will keep you guys updated!
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    no one!? oh yeah i have a 2010 4wd crew cab

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    If you think you may end up with a 6" lift than I would decide which 6" kit I would use and than check with that kits manufacture to see what backspacing that lift kit needs, so you dont end up buying new wheels twice. I think on the NBS truck a 2.5" leveling kit should be fine to clear the 33" tires. I would buy the Bilstien adjustable leveling front shock. Set it at the 2.5" level. When you decide to go with the 6" kit you set the Bilstien shock to the stock heigths setting and use it with the new 6" kit. Most NBS 6" kits dont come with a new front shock/strut so you can reuse the Bilstien. If you install the spacer type leveling kit now, you will have to remove it when you install the 6" kit.

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    i was planing on going with the pro comp stage 2 in the future. will the 3 in leveling kit be good for now? or should i just stick with the 2.5. im not sure if its gonna put too much stress on my stock suspension

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    What leveling kits are you looking at?

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    it was a springtech front leveling kit. top coilover spacer

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    I've never installed one of those kits so I can't give you a honest opinion, sorry.

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    its just a spacer on top of the shock. just like many other leveling kits

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    I'd go with the 2.5 until you get your 6" kit.

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    thanks for your help. anyone else out there?

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