For the last four years, I've been with The Hartford insurance. However, after buying the Chevy, AND getting a supposed "discount" by buying life insurance, I was paying close to $300 a MONTH for insurance. I am under 25, and had one accident when I was 16, however in the state of Montana accidents are only on your record for 3 years. Through the Hartford, though, they had the accident on there from the beginning, and when I informed them that my license was clean, they only lowered the amount by about $10.

Last week, I used an add from this website and put my information in to try to find some cheaper insurance. State Farm called me on Monday and gave me a quote at $120 a month for the same amount of coverage. After giving them some more info, changing a couple of things, and also buying life insurance, I am now paying $151.48 a month.

Just curious who others use.