Well, embarassing driving story of the day for me here. I was leaving a party that I stayed overnight at, and it was out at a farm. The path from the driveway to the party in the pasture was super muddy. No problem getting through that with my 2wd truck. When I was turning out of the driveway onto the road though, I made the turn quite a bit wider than I should have, and put the front passenger side into the ditch. Tranny crossmember hit the road and bottomed out, and the left rear tire was about 6" off the ground. Luckily, the party was at a farm, and my friend has a tractor there, so I called a couple of people up to the driveway to start the tractor up and pull me out. I've been unsure about having the trailer hitch on there since I don't tow anything, but it was pretty useful this morning. Lesson learned: After a night of partying, be more observant of how wide the road actually is.

Good Times

I didn't take any pictures, but here is one of the same thing. Just imagine my chevy where that dodge is, and my left front wheel on the road so I was at a steeper angle.